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Léon Lacroix - Next Level Dreams
Leon Lacroix

Leon Lacroix

Next Level Dreams - Searingly Hot Electro Pop

Léon Lacroix delivered a brilliant debut album in 2015.

The diverse Next Level Dreams debut LP hides its intent by opening with the slow and soulful Excessive Devotion.

The radio friendly ska beat driven Shabbat Shalom (Beat Like A Drum) rocks, and also a natural for airplay Bang Bang (TBA) bursts the album into life and makes it clear Léon Lacroix is a pop mastercraftsman at work. Summer surfing sounds of Exotic Blend and topical, empathetic power pop of Transgender (4 Luv) reveals further depth in lyric writing.

Prom King interspersed with rap takes a well aimed sarcastic swipe at the blitheness of the silver spoon class. Adding some humour with Ouija Board seeking the spirits to say “boo!” the song features Daniela Phan adding her sweet tones and traverses rap, hip hop and mainstream pop.

Mermaids is what fun time modern day rockabilly sounds like today, and the vocal gymnastics and in the clouds feel of Duck Float delivers a multilayered and epic alternative sound.

Flashing Lights kicks in as a non-stop feet moving dance track, and Secret Affair pounds out a solid dance floor rhythm and lyrical window on unrequited love and adoration.

Going to radio globally on pre-release, Next Level Dreams delivers on so many levels it is a pop benchmark to judge others by. Léon Lacroix is assured of a long term career with this album and audience eager to play it ad infinitum, and awaiting his next release.

Flashing Lights in 2014 - First Single (from Next Level Dreams LP).

Chance MUSIC introduces Léon Lacroix, a very talented solo writer and performer from South America.

The energetic and fun brand of electro pop that is Léon Lacroix, shatters any western preconceptions about what music from South America is supposed to sound like.

At the same time, there is something irresistible that sucks you into the beat, as if some secret and addictive South American rhythmic fabric, is stealthfully weaved into his music.

The A&R evaluation and signing was very much and internet connection, co-ordinated from Chance MUSIC in Sydney, Australia with Leon in Santiago Chile. Nick Chance comments;

Leon LacroixFlashing Lights impressed me with its raw energy, arrangement and excellent production. Léon is the rare kind of new talent Chance MUSIC seeks out, so an easy decision to offer Léon a deal.

The first single release from Léon Lacroix is Flashing Lights was recorded in Chile with renown South American producer Pablo Stipicic. The final mix was sent via the web from Chile to be mastered by Leon Zervos at 301 in Sydney.

Leon comments on Triple J he knows of in Australia where Chance MUSIC is based;

I listen to triple J on the web at home in La Dehesa, the music is great - we don’t have the same kind of station like triple J in Chile! It will be great fun to go to Australia and hear it locally!!”

Léon Lacroix is of French descent and was born in Montevideo Uruguay, moving to Chile at an early age. After living in Santa Monica California for a year at age 14, Léon had an epiphany that writing and performing pop music was his destiny, and it seems to be so.

Léon has created many other excellent pop songs yet to be released and is a prolific writer. Flashing Lights is indisputably an impressive debut single, and signals an artist destined for a long career, taking the first step.