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The following talented music composers and lyric authors create and perform their own works. They co-write with others and are always interested in opportunities to collaborate with other composer / authors.

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Larissa Ann - Maiden Of Joy Jacob Funnell Tommy Moeller Léon Lacroix

Larissa Ann

Jacob Funnell

Tommy Moeller

Léon Lacroix

Composer /Author

Carmelita Lees

Carmelita Lees is an extraordinary songwriter who writes a range of music at the high bar level, for recording artists, film and TV sync uses.

Composer /Authors (Single Song Assignment)

Country Storm
(Aly Cook/David Erik)

There is always a huge demand for good country music songs. On first hearing Country Storm, it impacted as one of them. Aly Cook and co-writer David Erik agreed to sign the publishing rights to Chance MUSIC to enable us to offer the song to producers, performers and labels for uses by recording artists, in film or TV. For single song assignments like Country Storm, we look for songs with good structure, lyrics, mood and of course music that sound like they have longevity as a good composition. Country Storm we believe is one such song.

What is music publishing?

Music publishing broadly involves these groups of rights and (income streams);

A music publisher manages these rights with other bodies like Performing Rights Societies / Organization (PRS, PRO), collects and distributes income and matches opportunities to published Works to exploit the rights.

What does Chance MUSIC publishing do?

We sign Works by writers, manage the copyrights, find uses for them, from which the writers earn their share of applicable advances and royalties. Those we sign are by invitation from hearing a submission that we approve, which is a very low percentage as our standards are high. A variety of agreement types suit different writers, that we negoatiate and sign with Writer's at the outset.

Formed in 2011, Chance MUSIC Publishing has made initial progress, adding about 500 works to our catalogue, in the first year.
In the first 12 months, four Chance MUSIC writers had 24 songs recorded and produced to release quality by the Chance MUSIC record label. Ten of these being on the Tommy Moeller Time album, and releases from Larissa Ann and Jacob Funnell on the independent Chance MUSIC label, are examples of Chance MUSIC publishing support for it's Writers.

Types of Music Publisher deals

There are three main ways to characterise publishing agreements, each can be matched to different Writer preferences.

Chance MUSIC is primarily an active publisher, seeking out opportunities. The following are different types of deals we offer;

Music users access Chance MUSIC publishing catalogue Works in the following ways;

Income from these copyright exploitation activities flows back to writers, and of course Chance MUSIC earns a share.

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