To send us your music just tap here or on the section below.

We are most interested in hearing songs from singer songwriters who perform as well. If you don’t perform and just write songs that’s ok. Yet if that is the case, we do expect it to be performed well by someone else or a band, and you think it is good enough to release for the world to hear.

It’s very easy to submit to us, there’s no need to upload any files to do it. Just paste a link from somewhere you have already uploaded your music, like youtube or soundcloud, and submit it.

Yes, you can send your songs as unsolicited, no need to ask a friend to ask a friend. We will get back to you with an answer, typically within 3 days.

The not so good news is we are very selective based on personal taste, yet don’t be discouraged if we don’t offer you a deal. Just remind yourself we are not the only music company in the world, and we made a mistake.

Now you have our invitation, what are you waiting for?