Chance MUSIC artist management is only available to writers signed with us, we do not offer it as a stand alone service.

We can act as default management to assist artists as an ancillary function of music publishing – at no extra cost or commission, exclusively to Chance MUSIC signed writers.

We can assist artist managers in place too, if requested.

Any artist manager can be clear we have no interest in the role. We only offer it, to assist career development outside the usual role of a publisher.

We welcome managers acting for artists who have a written and signed authority, and we don’t offer management services, if already in place.

On rare occasions we seek management rights, Chance MUSIC artist management agreements, logically and fairly, exclude any commission on Chance MUSIC publishing or Chance MUSIC label income.

Chance MUSIC is a publishing company, that also offers extended support for artists with management services, to progress careers as best we can.

We will respectfully decline to interact with parents or legal guardians acting as managers for minors, as we do not sign under legal age artists.