Chance MUSIC Label exists to benefit our published writers. Our writers can release on our label, if they need that support.

We encourage writers to find a credible label to release their songs. We offer our label as a path to achieving a label signing, that will commit to supporting them.

Our label exists for the benefit of writer who have signed with Chance MUSIC publishing. Some who are starting out we do not want to self release, though we have no objections and would encourage any writer to do that.

Artists need to release songs for streaming or download sales to happen. They need to make them available for media to comment on, radio to play, and to enable them to be promoted online in social media.

That kind of activity is essential to open new doors. Releasing your song will and create possibility and open new doors to music career advancement.

We license masters owned by artists and register them with performance income collection agencies like PPCA, PPL and SoundExchange, the Chance MUSIC label is a member of.

The Chance MUSIC royalty database can process all label sales data. We can account to all parties due royalties. Tthe artist as the master owner licensor, other publishers, writers or performers. Any with a copyright entitlement.

The label can organise cover art and mastering for published writers too, and we use the best people to do that. The release will look as good as possible. It is important to look professional, so a label interested in signing you up, can sees understand that marketing and image is important too.

We support writers to the best of our ability. Our label exists as an ancillary service to benefit our published writers, to further their career.