Chance MUSIC Label exists for the benefit of published writers. It is not a stand alone label for other releases.

We encourage writers to self release their songs, and the label is an option available for those who prefer not to do it themselves.

Artists do need to release songs for streaming or download sales, to make them available for radio play and to promote them online in social media like youtube and facebook, in blogs and even in print media.

We license masters owned by artists and register them with performance income collection agencies like PPCA, PPL and SoundExchange, the Chance MUSIC label is a member of.

The Chance MUSIC royalty database can process all label sales data, and account to all parties due royalties; the artist as the master owner licensor, other publishers, writers or performers – any with a copyright entitlement.

The label can organise cover art and mastering for published writers too.

We always support our writers to the best of our ability. That is why the Chance MUSIC label exists as another ancillary service to benefit our published writers, so they have what they need to further their career.