Chance MUSIC Label exists to benefit our published writers. It is an ancillary service available to them, they can use.

Writers need to release their songs for streaming or download sales to happen. Releasing also makes songs available for media to comment on, radio to play, and to enable social media promotion. This kind of activity is essential to open new doors for career advancement.

Some writers with Chance MUSIC Publishing like to release through a label, others prefer to self release. Releases being at a professional standard is important, to stand out. We encourage writers to release their songs in a professional way, no matter how they choose to do it.

We may agree to provide advances too for things like cover art, or mastering. The label can also serve as a path to a major label signing, as releasing on a label committed to supporting them, is our preferred choice, and is of greatest benefit to our writers.

We register our released masters with royalty collection agencies like PPCA, PPL and SoundExchange. So, performers on our releases can lodge their royalty claims, knowing they’ll match up with our registrations as label.

The Chance MEDIA Royalty Database processes all our sales data. We account to any party due royalties. That may include any or all of the master owner, publishers, writers or performers involved.

We support writers to the best of our ability. Our label exists as an ancillary service to benefit our published writers, to further their career.