Cody And The Blackouts - Living Asleep (LP cover)

Cody and The Blackouts – Living Asleep

‘Extrapolation’ is not a word you’d expect to find in a modern pop song, but there it is in the title track of the thoughtful and heartfelt debut album by Los Angeles band Cody And The Blackouts.

“Present finally caught up to my past / Surprised my house of cards had been built to last / Extrapolation – gift and a curse / It helps connect the dots but can make things worse” (Living Asleep). Listen and Read more…

Mark Alan Wilson - Better Man

Mark Alan Wilson – Better Man

Mark Alan Wilson is a modern man with an old soul. His style is to mindfully blend blues, rock, funk and soul.

As frontman lead singer and guitarist, Mark performs in his four piece band, based in Orange County, California. Listen and read more…

LJ Smooth - Let Me Know

LJ Smooth – Let Me Know

The music from LJ Smooth, is a fusion of pop, R&B, dancehall and Afrobeats.

A Virgin Islands native, LJ Smooth delivers his own roots flavor that adds more spice to the Miami music scene and culture.

Miami, Florida is known as one of the epicenters for the hot urban latin vibes from Caribbean music. It is an environment in which songwriter and artist LJ Smooth has thrived. Listen and read more…

Davis & The Love - Wildman

Davis & The Love – Wildman

Davis & the Love is an eclectic mix of genre-bending sound, radiating with energy, love and soul.

Reminiscent of the feeling and passion from top 40 classics, but grounded in the modern pop soundscape, the history of this modern pop group is truly a tale of front-man Nate Davis’ musical career. Listen and read more…

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