Cody And The Blackouts - Living Asleep (LP cover)

Feature LP: Living Asleep

Extrapolation, n: An educated guess or hypothesis. To extrapolate is to use observations about a current situation to make a prediction.

‘Extrapolation’ is not a word you’d expect to find in a modern pop song, but there it is in the title track of the thoughtful and heartfelt debut album by Los Angeles band Cody And The Blackouts:

“Present finally caught up to my past / Surprised my house of cards had been built to last / Extrapolation – gift and a curse / It helps connect the dots but can make things worse” (Living Asleep). Listen and Read more…

New Releases on Chance MUSIC

Cody & The Blackouts - Time Stood Still

We’ve all had those moments.

That instant when realisation hits. The sudden knowledge destiny is unfolding right before our eyes. It could be meeting a potential soulmate, achieving a lifelong goal, watching your team salvage victory from almost certain defeat. Listen and read more…

Larissa Ann - Maiden of Joy

Larissa Ann is backed on this recording by some of Australia’s best session musicians. The result is something special you must hear.

Three Track debut EP from Larissa Ann. The songs and her vocal and performance style offer full and rich singer / songwriter style. Listen and read more…

Tyler Madden - Hammer Of Doom

A cinematic instrumental release from Tyler Madden similar to John Williams works.

The title track Hammer of Doom is accompanied by the second of two tracks, titled Hello Epic Trailer. Listen and read more…

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