Davis & The Love - Wildman
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Davis & The Love is an eclectic mix of genre-bending sound, radiating with energy, love and soul.

Reminiscent of the feeling and passion from top 40 classics, but grounded in the modern pop soundscape, the history of this modern pop group is truly a tale of front-man Nate Davis’ musical career.

There isn’t a style of music he has not mastered; from rock and hip hop to soulful pop and funk, all of these influences are woven into this timeless feel-good collective of musicians and producers.

Davis keeps all songwriting in-house and lends his lyricism, passion, and craft to each track. His imagery and storytelling immerse the listener into the worlds created in each song. The love is palpable.

Known for high energy stage shows, and crowd moving original music, Davis & The Love encompasses the vast musical landscapes that have inspired their records and performances, and aims to connect with all audiences who are true music lovers.

Get ready to move and be moved.

Feel the love.