Chance MEDIA Pty Ltd is an Australian based publishing company trading as Chance MUSIC, operating worldwide.

Our mission is to support and assist writers pursue creative aims.

We regard earnings as a by-product of creative success, and understand not all artistic activity makes money. Our main criteria is personal, we have to like it. You may make great music and we make no offer. Do not be discouraged, find the company that does like it, they will be out there somewhere.

If your motivation is driven by money or fame for the sake of it – we are not right for you. We pay no heed to number of followers on social media. If we like your music, that’s all we are interested in, and will offer a signing.

Some of our writers have signed with us for just one song, others have vast catalogues with hundreds of songs that have decided on us. Once we sign a writer we are committed to helping each as best we can.

This may involve seeking placements for finished final mixed and mastered works for use in film, TV or advertising, or getting the songs ready to do that. Chance MUSIC Label releases songs for our writers to assist success.

The Chance MUSIC Royalty Database processes all sales and reports on collections globally. It is uniquely sophisticated for a small music company.

Some writers want future works published when written, and we can offer that too by mutual agreement. While a deal we offer always depends on what stage a writer is at, we are negotiable as we can be in each instance.

Music publishing signings are by offer only. We aim to ensure terms are mutually fair, no matter how excited we are, and we will be if we make an offer to sign one or more songs from a writer.