Cody And The Blackouts - Living Asleep (LP cover)

Extrapolation, n: An educated guess or hypothesis. To extrapolate is to use observations about a current situation to make a prediction. ‘Extrapolation’ is not a word you’d expect to find in a modern pop song, but there it is in the title track of the thoughtful and heartfelt debut albumRead More →

Tommy Moeller - Time Special Edition

This is the Special Edition of Time, that includes the original Concrete and Clay sung by Tommy in Unit Four Plus Two. It made #1 on the UK Chart in 1965. The second bonus track is Cross A Million Mountains. Time is the theme binding the ideas and songs, fromRead More →

Unit Four Plus Two - Best of Vol 2

Unit Four Plus Two Best of Vol. 2 has 10 original recordings made by Decca Records London including the hit (You’ve) Never Been In Love Like This Before. It includes their 2nd biggest hit they released in the years they were together from 1963 to 1969, There are also aRead More →