Tommy Moeller - Time Special Edition
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This is the Special Edition of Time, that includes the original Concrete and Clay sung by Tommy in Unit Four Plus Two.

It made #1 on the UK Chart in 1965. The second bonus track is Cross A Million Mountains.

Time is the theme binding the ideas and songs, from then many written by Tommy from 1964 to 2011.

He writes songs with simple words phrased with insight weaved into pop music. Tommy does it in a way only a pop master-craftsman of his calibre can.

Tommy became a celebrity at 19 in Unit Four Plus Two, when their single Concrete and Clay he co-wrote with Brian Parker went to #1 in the UK.

The band released 2 albums. One on Decca in 1965, and a second on Fontana 1969. Tommy and Brian remained friends and wrote and recorded together in the 1970s until Tommy moved back to Australia in 1975.

Concrete and Clay is estimated to have spawned over 200 cover versions. Tommy records the song solo on Time, for the first time in 47 years.

Making and Recording Time

With 6 new songs, all 10 tracks are engineered & produced in 2011 by Herm Kovac at Ramrod Studios in Sydney. They are performed by some of Australia’s finest session players backing Tommy on vocals.

Herm Kovac was the drummer for Ted Mulry Gang, who held the Australian Chart #1 spot for 6 weeks in 1976 with Jump In My Car. Tommy and Herm co-wrote Heart of Mine during the recording sessions.

Three new songs were penned for Time too. Perhaps In Time looks forward in time through the eyes of a parent. Intoxication is an unusual and haunting love ballad. How Come is an extraordinarily soulful look at pain lovers feel during time spent apart.

Tommy wrote 2 new songs for Time with brother Greg Moeller. Earth Sea And Sky is about the global environmental state, and The Truth Is Too Hard To Take about one-sided love.

About Time

The digital and CD versions of Time have a 12 page lyric booklet with player details, studio pics and 60s memorabilia. The album has some country hints on 2 songs, and three piece brass section on Such A Pretty Girl.

Winter Days, Such A Pretty Girl and Mona were co-written with Brian Parker in the 1970s.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Brian Parker (1939 – 2001). It was released to commemorate the 10th year since his passing.

Brian left the Unit Four Plus live band in the early days. He continued to write and perform for them and on recordings with Tommy on many releases in the ensuing years.

Time is an excellent pop album, expertly written, performed and recorded.

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