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Jacob Funnell - Sunrise LP
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Jacob Funnell is an exceptional world class guitarist. His unique and extraordinary guitar style is quite amazing.

Shown in the video for Fault With Question above, Jacob’s live performance earns ovation audience applause.

The Sunrise release, includes original songs few guitarists could play.

Jacob was inspired by Australian guitar maestro brothers Phil Emmanuel (RIP) and Tommy. From that he has developed his own a distinctive style.

Jacob Funnell is a guitarist’s guitarist.

He often played live with Phil Emmanuel as a duet. This included the Tamworth Music Festival, because Phil was one of Jacob’s biggest fans.

Watching him play is an experience. Jacob’s skilled long fingers traversing the guitar. This is particularly true of the track Knowing. Jacob moves the capo in a fast a chord progression, without missing a beat.

Jacob is from the Central Coast in NSW Australia. For three years in a row at age 17, 18 & 19 Jacob was invited to perform at the Youth In Performing Arts (YIPA) concerts. The video featured is the last one of the three.

Jacob was featured as a player to watch Australian Guitar Magazine too, in August 2013. Fault with Question from Sunrise, was chosen for Sounds Like Cafe compile, alongside Paul Kelly and others.

The release Sunrise is a studio live recording on his Maton 6 string guitar. Made at Ramrod Studios in Sydney with a valve microphone and pre-amplifier from Abbey Road Studios in London. Same one used by many great musicians and producers, including the Beatles and Sir George Martin.

The combination delivers recordings with a warm and pure sound, that captures his performance in high quality audio detail.

All 6 tracks on Sunrise are performed live with great technique and feel. The release is something very special, and it will appeal to anyone seeking quality original acoustic guitar music, played with skill and passion.

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