Video: Fault With Question

In the live video above, while only performing one song, Jacob captures raptuous applause from the audience (in this instance of all ages from young school kids to parents and grandparents), with his extraordinany and unique playing ability.

At the beginning of a long career, Jacob Funnell is an exceptional world class guitarist. His first release Sunrise, includes six original acoustic songs very few guitarists, if any, could play.

This talented Australian music artist, is deserved of media support. Unlike mainstream pop, his music is appreciated by music lovers of all ages, who enjoy well played quality music.

In support of his Sunrise release, Jacob is seeking to perform live on radio and TV. Visit for a live video and to hear his music. So far he has been on ABC Radio Central Coast, 2SM Sydney and Central Coast FM.

In part inspired by Australian guitar maestro brothers Phil and Tommy Emmanuel, Jacob has developed his own distinctive style.
He performs live as a solo artist, in the newly formed Jacob Funnell Band, and as duet with his friend Phil Emmanuel. As with Jacob solo, watching these two formidable guitarists live, is an amazing experience.

Jacob’s playing style is mesmerising to watch, as his nimble fingers move around the guitar. He uses the guitar body like a drum, and has a unique way of playing harmonics few have discovered. In Knowing from Sunrise, Jacob moves the capo in a fast chord progression, without missing a beat.

As a Central Coast resident, for three years i a row at age 17, 18 & 19 Jacob was invited to play at the Youth In Performing Arts (YIPA) live concerts in 2012, 2013 & 2014. The word quickly spread about his 2013 and 2014 performances, and Jacob was invited for an interview and to play live on ABC radio Erina in 2013 & on ABC NSW Statewide in 2014. A versatile performer, future live performances will include Jacob solo and with the Jacob Funnell Band playing a mix of great rock / blues / country style material.

Jacob is featured as a player to watch Australian Guitar Magazine, August 2013. Fault with Question from Sunrise, was chosen for Sounds Like Cafe compile, alongside Paul Kelly & others.

Jacob’s debut release Sunrise on Chance MUSIC, is a live studio recording using his Maton 6 string guitar received as a recording advance – for full story see liner notes. Recorded with a valve microphone into a preamp originating from Abbey Road Studios, same one that was used on The Beatles recordings!

As with Jacob’s playing, the resulting six works on Sunrise sound excellent, and are performed with exquisite technique and feel. The Sunrise release offers something special to anyone seeking quality music, played with great skill and passion – in the unique way, that only Jacob can.

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