Cathy Richardson - What I Am
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From Chicago, USA based rock singer Cathy Richardson released her latest solo single, What I Am.

The track is her most prominent solo release since 2006. It’s an upbeat and catchy rock single. Fans of many music genres will identify with it, and instantly love it’s empowering lyrics.

Richardson is perhaps best known for her work for fronting Jefferson Starship. She helped bring about the legendary band’s first full-length record in over a decade, Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty, in 2008.

The year before saw Richardson singing lead for Janis Joplin’s Big Brother and the Holding Co. This was alongside Joplin’s original band members on the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Tour.

When Richardson pours her magnificent, flexible voice into one of Joplin’s signature numbers,” says the San Francisco Chronicle, “the experience is more real than any live recording ever captured.”

Nominee and winner

Grammy nominee and four-time DIY Music Award winner Cathy Richardson has been called “the best female voice in rock today.

She has published no fewer than seven official releases with her universally loved group, the Cathy Richardson Band. The earliest record goes back to 1993’s Moon, Not Banana.

Another project is which she sings, is the Macrodots, that has been steadily adding to their loyal fan base since their 2010 LP, The Other Side.

Michael Allison of the Global Muse referred to Cathy as;

one of the most interesting and inspirational singer/songwriters that I’ve heard. This music is simply amazing and as off the wall and unpredictable as anything I could imagine.

Richardson’s What I Am single, has been turning the heads of audiophiles in every music genre since its release. Richardson signed to the popular Australian independent label, Chance MUSIC, which is rapidly gaining prominence at home and around the world.

Commenting on the themes of her new What I Am track, Richardson writes;

Like anyone, I struggle with insecurities, that push and pull of confidence and self doubt. Whether onstage or in daily life, for me, it’s really about not being afraid to shine my brightest and own my awesomeness.

Cathy’s goal for her music is to make life warmer for everyone, everywhere.

When you step into your greatness,” she says, “you elevate the vibration of the world around you. You literally make the world a better place. That’s the message I would most like to instill in my kids, and when I hear them singing along to every word – and they don’t even know what some of the words mean, yet – it brings a tear to my eye. In my dreams, people across the world are singing What I Am as a love song to themselves.

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