Leon Lacroix - Next Level Dreams
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Leon Lacroix is from Chile. He has composed (aka Ismael Leiva) and performed all songs on his electropop style debut album Next Level Dreams.

The first single from the album was Flashing Lights.

The alvum was recorded in Chile. It’s a solo artist album recorded with renown South American producer Pablo Stipicic.

The final mix was sent from Chile to Sydney. The highly sought after mastering engineer Leon Zervos did the job. The final result was stunning. It sparkled like a diamond, and thundered like a storm, when he was done.

Leon wants to visit Australia one day

Being keen to travel to Australia and perform one day, Leon commented:

I listen to triple J on the web at home in La Dehesa, the music is great – we don’t have the same kind of station like triple J in Chile! It would be great fun to go to Australia and hear it locally!”

Leon Lacroix is of French descent and was born in Montevideo Uruguay, moving to Chile at an early age.

After living in Santa Monica California for a year at age 14, he had an epiphany that writing and performing pop music was his destiny.

The album cover is an original artwork from Leon’s uncle, José Garcia Chibbaro a well known French artist. It was his way of congratulating his nephew on creating the album.

The energetic and fun brand of electropop Leon Lacroix delivers, shatters preconceptions about what South American music should sound like.

At the same time, there is something irresistible that sucks you into the beat. It has some secret and addictive rhythmic fabric, too hard to resist.

Leon has created an album he can be more than happy with, who knows what the future may hold for him.

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