Unit Four Plus Two were part of London’s swingin’ 60s scene. Concrete and Clay took UK #1 from The Rolling Stones, while touring with them.

Their second biggest hit (You’ve) Never Been In Love Like This Before is included on this special double single release as well.

Unit Four Plus Two - Concrete and Clay & (You've) Never Been In Love Like This Before
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Tommy Moeller was 19 when he sang and co-wrote Concrete And Clay that was #1 in the UK and made #28 Billboard. He was the frontman in Unit Four Plus Two with Brian Parker.

Tommy and his close friend and life time cohort and co-writer Brian Parker (1939 – 2001), first formed the act.

They were both inspired by the US act the Everly Brothers, and decided to form a four piece vocal band.

They recruited two friends to join them, David Meikle and Peter Moules. On Tommy’s suggestion, they called themselves Unit Four.

Unit Four changed their name

Brian chose not play live when the lineup changed from the original Unit Four, after the first single Green Fields.

Brian and Tommy remained co-writers up to and beyond Unit Four, that was to become Unit Four Plus Two, which disbanded in 1969.

The music scene in London’s swinging 60s went through some rapid changes, and they decided to add instruments, and “electrify”.

Howard “Lem” Lubin joined on guitar to replace Brian Parker, and Rodney Garwood joined on bass. Bob Henrit joined as drummer. He interchanged with Hugh Halliday on drums too at different times, yet only one drummer.

The original Unit Four name was appended with “Plus Two” because they were now a six piece act.

Even so, sometimes Unit Four Plus Two equaled seven in the studio. Other notable players included Russ Ballard on guitar. This included Concrete and Clay as well as other tracks, with the core six on studio recordings.

Mike Davies also played on their cover of the Gibb brothers song Butterfly.

Tommy was front man and lead singer from the first show and record release on Decca Records, to the last show and album on Fontana.

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