Unit Four Plus Two - Best of Vol. 2
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Unit Four Plus Two Best of Vol. 2 has 10 original recordings made by Decca Records London including the hit (You’ve) Never Been In Love Like This Before.

It includes their 2nd biggest hit they released in the years they were together from 1963 to 1969,

There are also a selection of tracks from various releases including their first album on Decca Records, and their second that was released on the Fontana label.

In England’s swingin’ 60s the band were a major part of the London “scene”. Their massive global hit Concrete And Clay knocked the Rolling Stones off the UK No. 1 chart spot. This was while they were on tour supporting the Stones at live shows in Britain.

Tommy Moeller with his life time musical cohort, co-writer and close friend Brian Parker (1939 – 2001), were the founding members of Unit 4 and then Unit Four Plus Two.

Brian chose not play live with Unit Four Plus Two after the first single Green Fields. Yet Brian and Tommy remained as co-writers up to and after Unit Four Plus Two disbanded in 1970. Tommy was front man and lead singer from the first performance and record release on Decca Records, to the last show and disc released on Fontana.

Musically diverse before others were, the Unit Four Plus Two varied kit of musical styles, crossed a devotion to the Everly Brothers, with their own “white man’s” R&B, Soul & Gospel styles, and embodied the quintessential sounds of 1960s pop music.

There were a number of members of the six member band over the time they were together. The number different of members on recordings and live shows was eleven.

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