FuMusic – Famous Faces

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FuMusic - Famous Faces

Famous Faces was recorded in London. The lead vocal session singer likes anonymity. Session musicians also performed the backing tracks.

Words and music are by John Fu as a stage name, the writer and person behind it is Fu Wai Yuen. As a producer John Fu is known as FuMusic.

The song tells a well known story from a particular perspective. The composer John Fu provides his insight into what he wrote the song about.

Famous Faces is about a lover who has become indifferent since he became famous.

However, the protagonist of the song is still very much in love with him. Even though she realises that she was not in a good relationship, she can’t let go of her feelings for him.”

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Title: Famous Faces
Release Type: Single
Tracks: 1
Performer: FuMusic
Written by: Fu Wai Yuen (AKA John Fu)
Label: Chance MUSIC
Publisher: Chance MEDIA Pty Ltd
Producer: John Fu

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  1. Chance MUSIC

    Catchy familiar tune!

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