Sargeant X Comrade - Magic Radio
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Sargeant X Comrade are pioneers in Lo Fi Soul, gaining popularity in their home country of Canada, and worldwide.

Their debut album Magic Radio embodies a highly eclectic style. It is a remarkable release.

It also features big name Canadian and American artists. Skilled musicians of different styles, bring this new sound together. An amazing release that defies category bounds.

The outstanding vocal performances by Yolanda Sargeant are rich and smoky. Sometimes her delivery is playful, sometimes melancholy or joyful, or pensive. Despite the vast style mixture in the music, Yolanda traverses all with ease. Yolanda really has exceptional abilities.

Sargeant’s vocals evoke sounds of other great artists, like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu. Yet her style is entirely unique as well. She is one of a kind.

The music is wonderfully unpredictable. Sometimes a 40s swing piano riff tinkles over a languid hip hop beat. It has the sounds of classic jazz age echos too. Sometimes there’s a haunting flamenco guitar mixed with reggae and soulful trip hop. The different styles are song by song, that creates a innovative and fascinating soundscape. It really draws the listener in.

The sonic architecture created by producer Evgeniy a.k.a. Comrade a.k.a. White Russian Productions is ground-breaking. The sound is exciting and challenging. It delivers the unexpected. It presents a myriad of musical elements and genres, in such a fresh way. They make old new again.

Magic Radio on vinyl & cassette!

Magic Radio is an album to listen to again and again. It gets better on every play. Why don’t you buy the record player you’ve been thinking of? A limited vinyl pressing is available. Other music lovers and collectors, will appreciate the limited run cassette tape version too. Buy them from the Sargeant X Comrade (official website). The album is available now at all good digital stores.