Larissa Ann - Maiden of Joy
Larissa Ann – Maiden of Joy

The Maiden of Joy EP from Larissa Ann, is out in October, 2020.

The release includes a remastered version of Larissa Ann’s first single, Runaway Boy.

The backing tracks are played by some of Australia’s finest studio musicians to form a group for the sessions.

The lead and backing vocals are all Larissa Ann. She also plays the acoustic guitar parts. This is an uplifting recording in many ways, from the first track The Adventure. The spirited and more rock than folk style of Runaway Boy, shows off her ability to write and perform rock songs in her own style.

The closing track Always Knew is something anyone in a relationship not destined to last will be familiar with. We have all probably had the feelings she expresses, with such delicate passion. The forlorn feeling is really there in the music and vocal style. The accordion adds that artist in a French cafe love aura, almost like being in Paris.

Larissa Ann has worked in TV as an actress and is also a skilled drawing artist, in which she tells different tales. Like her songs, she always has something to say, as she delivers her message.

Runaway Boy was well received, which has lead to requests at live shows. Larissa has sometimes performed duet with Jacob Funnell on guitar live.

Long time friends with Larissa Jacob attended the recording sessions for these tracks too. Larissa is located in Sydney, Australia.