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Demi Grace - Why Would You Lie [Instrumental version]
Demi Grace – Why Would You Lie

The only available Instrumental Version of Why Would You Lie from Demi Grace.

The composition was co-written with producer of the record Jason Norris, AKA Producer Jay Karnell (The Rzistnce).

Demi is not only a composer and recording artist, she also works as an actor and model and has an impressive portfolio.

Demi began was backup singer for acts in Los Angeles from 2008. Under the mentors of well known producers, songwriters and A&R people like Roger Ryan, Kevin Shine, Chip Days. Her first single was release was Want You. It scored instant airplay in Brazil and Mexico and placed in the feature film Phantom Halo!

Demi’s first EP release, I Am Fearless, came out in 2014. Demi went on to sign a distribution deal with Hitman Records, through UMG Canada. Airplaysoon followed in Maryland, New York and Georgia. She also performed around the US supporting Davido and at the House of Blues Sunset in August 2015.

Visit the Demi Grace website for more information on Demi’s latest activities and conquests, and for more music to hear and videos to see.

Chance MUSIC Shop: Why Would You Lie Available Now.

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