Tyler Madden - Hammer Of Doom

Hammer of Doom is the title track on this 2 track release.

Dynamic instrumental with synthesiser strings and brass sounds from Tyler Madden. Very suited to licensing for cinematic use. Features big hammer like strike sounds.

Hammer of Doom deliver the sort of concentrated audio force to shake cinema seats. Well arranged strings and brass not dissimilar to John Williams’ works, build dynamically to crescendos.

The strings and dynamic sounds will send a chill down a viewer’s spine with the right vision. Hammer of Doom has softer and more hopeful passages as it builds, perhaps toward a clear triumph over dark forces.

Suitable for use in an action adventure film, for a progressing or impending battle scene. An ominous approach of a powerful forces that strikes and conquers. Think Lord of the Rings or a Greek god superhero like Thor leading the way, and slamming his hammer on the earth.

In sequence after the initial strikes, it progresses slowly. There is a pause, then two thundering hammers with perceived pauses between each. This is followed by a building of strings and brass to a crescendo, and trails off in final resolution for the ending.

You can also visit the website for Tyler Madden.

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