Delaney Rose is a gifted singer songwriter and performer from Canada. She sings lead vocal and plays guitar on her song Freedom, the (Deluxe Version).

Shine On is another outstanding track worth hearing from Delaney.

Delaney Rose Mission Statement

Within all of us lies a dream
it’s seed started while we were children as we grew up some of us forgot some of us took paths of security while others somehow learnt how to win

We honor the heros of our day sports stars, movie stars, music stars but, where are we?
have we begun to win?
or, does that path tremble us inside

No matter who we are
we all have obstacles to overcome the question is how
have you found your answer yet?

For me, it’s baby steps honor myself, love myself enjoy the journey to the wins. let go to my creator
but, most of all, JUST BELIEVE. 

You can also visit Delaney Rose at her website.

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