Tommy Moeller - Heart of Mine
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Tommy Moeller performs Heart of Mine, backed by some of Australia’s best studio musicians.

The Time album this single comes from, was produced by Herm Kovac at his Ramrod Studios in Sydney.

During the recording sessions Herm took Tommy aside and asked him if he would be interested in adding lyrics to a tune he had written without any.

Tommy enjoys putting words to music and took the task on with delight. He was writing lyrics at the studio, while he was also recording songs for the Time album.

The song came up so well, Tommy decided to include it in the recording sessions. It became a track on the Time album, that was being made.

The combination of musical influences shows up in the finished composition of Heart of Mine. It’s a little bit country pop, and a little bit rock n roll and a bright positive love pop song overall.

Heart of Mine is from Time

Tommy has a long history as a pop star. He became a huge instant celebrity in Britain at just 19 years of age, when he was in Unit Four Plus Two.

Their first hit single Concrete and Clay was co-written by Tommy Moeller with Brian Parker. Despite the refusals of BBC radio to play the record, it was picked up by Pirate Radio. It rapidly went to the #1 spot on the UK Charts, and the BBC have been playing it ever since.

Tommy on his first solo album release of Time, decided to record Concrete and Clay for inclusion on it. This recording of Concrete and Clay, marked an amazing 47 years since Tommy first recorded the original version with Unit Four Plus Two in 1965.

The Heart of Mine single is a contemporary reflection of Tommy Moeller as the writer he is today. He remains active and continues to perform and record whenever there is an opportunity to.

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