Time - Tommy Moeller
Tommy Moeller Time CD by mail
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Five track sample of new songs for your listening pleasure, of the 10 tracks on the album. At age 19 on Time cover, Tommy Moeller sang and co-wrote the 1965 UK #1 & global hit Concrete And Clay as frontman in Unit 4 + 2, co-written with life time musical cohort Brian Parker (1939 - 2001), whose memory Time is dedicated to.

The mirror image of Tommy on Time cover is when Time was made. It has four songs he wrote with Brian including Concrete And Clay for first time since his original version 47 years ago, since Tommy recorded the mono version in 1964.

New recordings of 3 more songs Brian & Tommy wrote together after 1970 when Unit 4 + 2 split; Such A Pretty Girl, Winter Days and Mona.

First single from Time is Heart of Mine co-written with Time album producer (formerly of Ted Mulry Gang), Herm Kovac.

Time has five new original works from Tommy Moeller called Perhaps In Time, Intoxication, How Come, two are co-written with brother Greg Moeller - The Truth Is Too Hard To Take, and, Earth Sea And Sky.

The first solo album for Tommy Moeller and debut release for Chance MUSIC.